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The large Dance Angel is perfect for holding all of your travel items. It hangs about 8 full-length costumes, and still still provides hanging room for your leotards, make-up bag, and shoe pouch.

The Dance Angel does everything a traditional suitcase does and so much more! There is no assembly required! Imitation products require confusing, time consuming assembly. Our product is a breeze to use and to store. The front zipper panel gives you access to the contents of The Dance Angel in its upright position! Finally – your suitcase does everything you need it to. It becomes a closet for the dancer on the go!

The front pocket is removable for monogramming. Feature your dance team logo and the dancer’s name on the front of your Dance Angel!

The Dance Angel is available in two sizes – buy the set and be prepared for any gig, competition, weekend trip, or longer journey!


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